At Smile Café if you smile, we smile. Welcome to a fun filled experience, Smile Cafe is situated in the heart of Fourways, in Cedar Square Shopping Centre. Our beautiful and spacious restaurant is the perfect family friendly establishment. Dad can relax whist drinking beer on tap, mom can sip happily on her wine whilst our fantastic child minders keep your children entertained. We also offer Wi-Fi and cell phone charging stations for working parents who wish to entertain their kids whilst they work.

At Smile Café our menu has something for everyone, whether you are a health fanatic or looking to indulge in something more devilish. We offer fantastic designer breakfasts served until 12pm, delicious pizzas, pastas, meat dishes and delectable grills. For the sweet tooth we also provide a delicious assortment of cake and dessert options.

Kids come first

At Smile Café the kids come first. We provide kids a massive, fun and safe playground full of jungle gyms, cricket nets, basketballs, mini soccer fields and lots of balls. The playground itself is in full view of the restaurant, in a sealed off area and all children are tagged on entrance to ensure their safety.

There is a kiosk in the play area for popcorn and slush puppies and kids also have the opportunity to make their own pizzas or order off our fun kiddies menu.

For parents, there are various options available to keep an eye on your child. First timers are allowed to join their kids in the playground until they feel comfortable enough to leave their young one there alone. The restaurant is in full view of the playground but there are also cctv camera’s throughout the area that monitor the kids. Our child minders are also on hand to ensure that no harm comes to the littles ones as they play.

For a fantastic breakfast or lunch out with the family, visit us at Smile Café where we smile, if you smile.

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