Established back in 1956 the Johannesburg Planetarium is a highly entertaining and educational experience for your kids. The Planetarium is a fantastic way for kids to learn about planets, galaxies, celestial bodies and our universe and promises to be one of the best educational experiences they will ever have in Jozi.

Each year we have approx. 85 000 visitors to the Planetarium, 80% of which is school outings. The Planetarium is so popular that almost half of these visits are from schools outside of the Gauteng province!

In our Planetarium, the lights dim as you experience the magic of stars appearing right before your eyes above you. We offer a fantastical experience for your kids as they travel through the planets, stars and galaxies whilst learning about the wonders of our universe.

For school kids, we offer a range of exciting shows including but not limited to:

Space Travel- a sing along program for kids to learn about the moon and planets, from grade 0-3
The Secret Cardboard rocket (grade 4-6) teaches kids about the universe as they travel in a cardboard rocket.
The Solar System – a program for kids in grade 7 that teaches them about the sun, planets, cosmos and asteroids.
Special requests- the planetarium also caters for special shows available on request.

All public shows (not affiliated through schools) are available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so ensure to check out our timetable available on our website to see show times and dates.

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