Welcome to Cool Runnings Toboggan Track, we are THE ONLY toboggan track in South Africa and are situated in Tygervalley. Our track was installed by Wiegand, a German invention company that selected Cape Town as the first ever South African Destination to receive such a ride.
The sled holds one (or two) people and once these sleds are released at the top of the track you whizz down, with the ability to control your own speed using the lever which is in front of the sled. The max speed for rush seekers is 40km/h.

Tobogganing is indeed such an easy thing to get used to that anyone can do it, including children! In fact, we host regular children’s parties at the track which are completely unforgettable for the kids. We own a massive area with a huge terrace which overlooks the track as well as provide lots of food and drink available for all (even a liquor license for the parents!) Unfortunately we don’t allow patrons to bring in their own food and drink.

Please note that as safety is of the utmost importance, as a precaution children between the ages of 3 and 7 years must be accompanied by an adult on the Toboggan sled. If the kids are over 8 they can Toboggan by themselves. Should you wish for your child to spend his or her special day with us, bookings over 20 must make reservations prior to the day.

At Cool Runnings Toboggan, we are open 7 days a week, on school and public holidays. We are closed however if it rains.

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