Welcome to Café Paradiso, a child friendly restaurant in the Kloof area of Cape Town. Café Paradiso was established over 30 years ago and prides itself in celebrating family values and traditions. We have a beautiful garden which acts as a sanctuary away from the bustle of the city where people come together and enjoy each other’s company. All our food is made from the finest of ingredients and we embrace the elegance of simple food in a tranquil and relaxed setting. We make our own butter and mayonnaise as well as bake fresh bread and make fresh pasta on site. As a child friendly restaurant, we welcome children of all ages (and even pets) to our establishment.

Café Paradiso was established by a lady named Freda over 2 decades ago when she converted a beautiful old house into a stunning restaurant. The restaurant became famous for its delicious cuisine made from ingredients that were not well known locally at the time. Patrons had the opportunity to taste foreign dishes such as Tzatziki, Dolmades as well as a range of country dishes which were not very familiar in the Cape Town region. Freda was later joined by 3 other women who then made up an impressive team of heavyweight cooks and exceptional hostesses.

For a truly delectable experience and a wonderful day out with your children, family or friends, Café Paradiso is a must visit restaurant whether you reside in Cape Town or are a foreign tourist. We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 10pm as well as for lunch (or brunch) on Sunday from 10am until 3pm.