Welcome to the School of Rock which is the best, most rocking and most ultimate fun educational experience for your kids! If you are looking for seriously fun and educational music tutoring for your children, you HAVE TO visit us. We are a group of super passionate music instructors that offer kids a range of various instruments and killer programs. We pride ourselves in providing kids everything they need to rock out.

At The School Of Rock, we are focused on team work and friendships and strive to form a community of kid rock stars that will be inspired to make great music. Through good old life experience and time spent with the various instruments, kids will learn confidence and patience whilst learning great musical skills.

We believe that learning music is the number one kids educational activity which will grow them into responsible, cultured and educated adults who are not afraid to face the world in times gone tough. Musical skills will be learnt whilst the kids have fun and feel like rock stars.

School Of Rock Programs

At School of Rock we offer our kids the following programs:

  • Rock 101: This program is design for kids just starting to learn how to play. Learning how to play music is a journey, not a destination and we aim to teach the kids this. In Rock 101 kids will learn the basic techniques of playing and basic music theory, private music instruction, how to play in a group, have private music lessons and band rehearsals.
  • Performance: The premier program for kids starting out with music. This is the second phase after Rock 101 where kids who have a basic understanding of how to play, are taught further. Kids will receive private music instruction, band practice and the opportunity to play in shows whilst learning more skills.
  • Rookies: This program is designed for kids in 1st and 2nd grade to learn how to play music. They will learn pitch, rhythm, teamwork and how to play alone.
  • All Stars: Once kids have a few shows under their belt they can now audition for All Stars, our most prestigious offering. Each summer kids go on a tour and perform their talents in front of live audiences. They get to collaborate with great musicians and local celebs as well as make new friends whilst on this journey. Kids need to audition for this prestigious program.

The School Of Rock has something for everyone and is a great Kids Educational Activity in Cape Town and abroad. Furthermore, we offer adult music classes should parents wish to learn how to play as well.

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