Pinocchio Crèche is a project branch of the Domestic Workers Association Educational Trust – a non-profit organisation.  The creche caters to age groups 2-6 years, Monday to Friday, 7am to 17:25pm. The creche operates throughout the year, closing once a year between December and January, weekends and all public holidays.

We are creche situated in Green Point, Cape Town and offer some exceptional learning opportunities to our young ones: The children enrolled at the school are encouraged to expand their appreciation and understanding of themselves, of others and of the world around them. Because children learn through interactions with their environment, Pinocchio Crèche offers a physical setting where they can interact with a wide range of both indoor and outdoor activities. We firmly believe that children learn the best through play. 

Our extra programs include organic vegetables gardening as well as a violin music program which is offered to the children as part of the curriculum. These two programs have proven to be vital in the development of the children’s development.

Kids Learning

Kids Playing

Pinocchio Creche Violin Program

Many studies suggests exposure to music at an early age is greatly beneficial for a child’s development, IQ and development of certain parts of the brain.

We aim stimulate development for children between the ages from 2-6 years through our esteemed violin program. This violin program has offered invaluable musical training to children who may not have the opportunity in usual situations to pursue such an activity. The programme is also an attempt by Pinocchio Creche to positively influence the children’s learning experience.

Girl on violin

kids on violin

Organic Vegetables Gardening

Pinocchio Crèche believes that children should first learn how to take care of the earth before being taught how to conquer the world. Our future decisions are heavily influenced by what was instilled during the foundation phase of our lives, (the first 9 years) and therefore a love for the environment is vital and this is what we prescribe to our children.

Despite this, children learn practically and teaching them to grow vegetables rather than destroy assist’s children develop into well rounded and loving human beings. Also, there’s nothing quite like seeing children touch an earth worm, play with butterflies or till the soil to plant their first seed!

Kids in Veggie Patch


Children with adults in veggie patch

Kids Gardening