In a time not so long ago, a kind, caring soul came to realise that your child needs a haven to go to in the day while you as loving parents fight the battles of the everyday working world.

Esmé van Heerden is the fairy godmother of Rosen Castle, situated in Bellvile, Cape Town she created a preschool where children are showered with love, kindness and respect as they are prepared for the challenges of the outside world. There will soon be more Rosen Castle Nursery Schools established throughout the whole of South Africa.

During 2012, Andrea Basson, became principal at Rosen Castle and along with carefully selected and experienced staff, cherish the children at Rosen castle, inspire them to reach their full potential and satisfy each child’s individual needs on a daily basis.

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Rosen Castle is a themed nursery school which comes with a highly detailed fantasy landscape for children. There is also a story queen whom tells the children insightful and meaningful tales.  Our qualified teachers teach Christian values to the children.

We offer a healthy food menu for the children and fun holiday programs should parents require care for their children during the holiday periods.
Our mission at Rosen Castle is to inspire and guide children with love and compassion through an education partnership with the parents. At Rosen Castle we inspire children’s minds to think extraordinarily. Our Christian faith, our commitment to excellence and our love for diversity makes us a unique preschool and takes the children beyond classroom walls.

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Classroom Grouping

Our Rosen castle nursery is a small Castle in its own right, it adjoins the main school and the babies are divided into 4 groups, between 3 months to 30 months.

The main school itself is divided into the following age groups:
30 months - 3 years
3 years - 4 years
4 years - 5 years 

The Annexe
caters for kids aged between 5 - 6 years (Grade R)

Our Approach

We have qualified and experienced teachers who educated the children in the morning, as well as carefully chosen after-school care givers.  We ensure all our staff at Rosen Castle are kind, compassionate and loving individuals who value integrity and understand that every child has their own individual needs in the classroom that needs to be catered to. 

Every teacher also has a full time teacher’s assistant with the baby section teachers having two assistants each. We also offer a qualified nurse who acts as the baby section head. Speech, occupational and play therapists visit us on a regular basis.

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