Welcome to our preschool, where all our amazing children learn through the fun of play.¬† Our preschool was established in 1971 and is one of Cape Town’s co-ed independent schools. We believe that through play, children learn best as it reinforces positivity, where learning is stimulated. We strive to create a happy environment for our children and all students at Montenery preschool are encouraged to learn about the world in a fun and safe atmosphere..

We group our classes according to age and all the children are encouraged to be independent and self-reliant. Through the means of structured play and a stimulating environment, each young soul is groomed to become an individual thinker and problem solver.

Our Commitment to our children

We commit to educate all our children and to realise their full potential in the physical, emotional and social developmental areas. We also endeavour that each of our children develop value system based on solid morals.

Our Strength

We are very strong in childhood development and aim to develop children to be happy, secure, confident and healthy individuals. Monterey preschool kids are engaging and enthusiastic with a great self-images that affords them the confidence to accept any challenge. Our value system is based on Christian morals and influence but we welcome any race, religion and culture to our school. Children with special needs are also accommodated at Monterey preschool.

Each aspect of our school is specifically designed to stimulate the creativity of the child and to challenge their curiosity. We also emphasize social integration, the ability for kids to make decisions and resolve their own conflicts.
Our children are taught to achieve things for themselves and appreciate these achievements. They are encouraged to take ownership of the situations they create and be responsible for their own work. They are also encouraged to solve their own problems and respect themselves and each other.

Positivity is the underlying factor in our educational approach. We base our philosophy on ‘do’ rather than ‘don’t’ and we encourage our learners to excel within a safe and loving environment.

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